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May 13, 2018

Dedicated to inspiring all women to become Sapphire Women, Dr. Carleah East’s expertise spans over 17 years and includes being an Author, Psychotherapist, Professor and Empowerment Speaker.
Dr. East has always displayed a passion to help, assist and uplift others.  From an early age, her purpose to serve was clear as peers frequently sought advice.  Dr. East has the unique ability to speak truth to power in a sincere, engaging, realistic and straight-forward manner.  Her personable, enthusiastic, and often humorous work ethic is priceless.  Dr. East’s dedication is positively received and appreciated in the lives she touches.
Contributions and giving back to her community are high priorities for Dr. Carleah East.  She frequently supports and serves her community whether as a panel member, keynote speaker, or through other activities relevant to her expertise.   She recently offered free mental health lessons and advice via a bi-weekly radio segment to teach and enlighten listeners.   Her interests include providing counsel to those of various cultural environments without bias or prejudice
Social Media Handles:Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @TheSapphireDiva