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Mar 26, 2017

Today we talk to author and life empowerment specialist @Nerrissa_Jenkins2 about her new book Live, Love & Confidence: A guide to building self-esteem in girls and young women. Nerrissa was born and raised in Harlem. She is the definition of confidence. Nerrissa is a second time author, her first project was a book of poetry titled "Mysterious Me" based on some of her life experiences. Her inspiration to create this book for young girls was due to the lack of self-esteem she experienced early in her own life and that she witnessed amongst other young ladies in her community. Nerrissa saw this book as a great opportunity to give back to her community by helping young girls tackle their issues with self-esteem. Nerrissa has two daughter and a large circle of female family/friends so it was easy for her to see how strong, intelligent young women could still have trouble building self-confidence. Nerrissa is a mentor to many and she is proud to be able to gift the young women in her community with tools that can positively change their life forever. About the Book – A self-help guide to building self esteem in girls and young women all the while bringing awareness to everyday life situations. It has a warm introduction, a message and letter to the girls/young women, over 60 short stories, a tool and discussion topic, glossary, reference and resource section for anyone who cannot talk to a parent or guardian, steps to being confident and motivational quotes throughout the book.